And off we go guys!!

Flora the Explorer with her brave Nick (The Englishman in Malta) are defeating the Malta heatwave with a new adventure, The Catarmaran Experience by Sea Adventure Excursions ๐Ÿ˜‰

Departing at 10.30 am from the Bugibba Jetty the Sea Adventure Excursions offers a state of the art Catamaran with a unique glass bottom and submarine view!

Definetly the main attraction of this beautiful and colourful boat especially for kids!

In fact, the Sea Adventure is a boat excursion for all the family thanks to the many family oriented services as the changing area, toilets, the play area for kids till 5 years old, the slide and the possibility to order freshly prepared food and beverages.

The Sea Adventure boat trip is actually for everyone, while kids can play and explore the sea life with the submarine bottom glass, the explorers like Nick and I can just chill out on the sunbeds at the sundeck on the first floor of the catamaran, enjoying a snack and a drink while admiring the beautiful North coast ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Sea Adventure Excursions is a family run company based in Bugibba, Malta with more than 25 years of experience in daily boat trips and charters. Steph, the owner, is with us on the catamaran with her little daughter of only 9 months, who seems to be enjoying the trip being the mascott of the group.

The Sea Aventure team and Steph are taking care of everyone and made this adventure as comfortable and at the same time exciting as possible. You never miss a cave with them or a spot to admire and take some pictures.

From the Islands of St Paul’s Bay to the Santa Maria Caves in Comino and my favourite rock spot: the Elephant Head at the edge of Comino.

Well after this amazing view now everyone is too much excited to wait to jump in the water…what a water guys!!

We are arrived now at the Blue Lagoon in Comino and it seems to be in a Caribbean scenery, as in a movie scene of the Pirates of the Caribbean I’m trying to spot Johnny Depp diving in the sea…

Probably this time I have to be happy to see Steph feeding the fish so that her passengers can snorkel and take pictures with the fish…I still dream of Johnny Depp but Nick reminded me that he is my Pirate of Comino Blue Lagoon…yeah ๐Ÿ™‚

Another great service offered by Sea Adventure is that you can rent snorkeling masks directly on the boat so that even if you are not fully equipped with pins, mask, oxygen tank (ahahah) you can still enjoy a dive around the boat and on the blue lagoon without missing a fish ๐Ÿ˜‰

After an hour at Blue Lagoon for Flora the Explorer is now the time to sail for the Malta’s Sister Island, Gozo!

Sea Adventure crew has prepared for us a great sightseeing tour of Gozo with two special stops, the iconic Xlendi Bay and the stunnig Citadel, Victoria, Capital City of Gozo.

Xlendi is a bay that will be in your Gozo memories.

Probably because of its majestic cliffs, which delineate this inlet of tourquoise water or maybe because you can tell that was an original fishing village and now you can experience a gorgeous lunch on the many restaurants overlooking the rocky beach. 

Flora the Explorer went for an exploration, of course, “climbing” the stairs on the right edge of the cliff… the up hill was worthy as I saw a romantic cave were my imagination flew away… In the meantime Nick was serenely having an ice cream perched on the bench overlooking the sea ๐Ÿ™‚

Xlendi Bay is only 3km away from Victoria on the south west side of Gozo, if you are a passionate swimmer this is a must visit for kayaking, snorkeling and diving.

After a quick lunch and a lovely swim, Steph and the crew recall us back.

It’s time to Visit the Citadel…Let’s go!

Recently restored the medieval walls of the Citadel are simply stunning!

All the history of Gozo from the dawn of the time is hidden inside this Fortress. 

In fact, the eaerliest secure archeological evidence at the Gran Castello or the Citadel Castle dates back to the late Bronze Age. 

However, thanks to its elavated position not only the primitive people chose to settle at the Citadel, even the Phoenicians, the Punic and the Romans.

Expecially during most of the insecure Medieval Millennium the Gran Castello turned out to be once more a prized settlement location.

At the entrance of the Citadel pass along the visitor centre and watch the free docu video, then follow the path and be enchanted by the beauty and the greatness of this beautiful town.

In particular you can visit the Battery, the Knights Silos and the World War Second Sheltersreally a visit to not be missed!

As you would have probably guessed by the pictures what makes amazing a sightseeing of the Citadel it is also the breathtaking view that embrace all the island!

However, dear Explorers, the Adventure continues with Sea Adventure Excursions, in fact there is still another swim to enjoy and we sail to a special place: the Crystal Lagoon!

That white thing in the water it’s me, Nick took me a picture while I was contemplating the wonder of stretching and relaxing in that crystal water… I felt (as often here in Malta) very Blessed!

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Many thanks to Steph and the Crew for this much enjoyable and great Sea Adventure Excursion!

Here is Flora the Explorer video experience… See you on the Sea Adventure Catamaran ๐Ÿ˜‰