Welcome to my blog, exploring-malta.com

I’m Flora (The Explorer) and I’m very happy that you are here!


I actually believe that every single living being is interconnected with each other…so if you landed on this blog maybe is because you share with me the Love for MALTA or you would like to discover more!

Malta, this tiny little rock in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and her sister island Gozo, could be considered as the place where a great civilization left the oldest stone standing structures in the world! Someone in someway, the mystery is still unrevealed… 

I come from a beautiful region in the centre of Italy called Umbria. As my region is considered “The Green Heart of Italy“, I believe that my journey to Malta was a journey “Heart to Heart” – from the Heart of Italy to the Heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

One can think: “Oh Malta is so small! It’s not America or Asia”… Well, here I’ve experienced many different worlds in one, many different people and cultures, all interlaced. Here, I can admire the beauty of diversity coexisiting in one small place. I do not only consider myself as a “Citizen of the World” but also as “Citizen of the Mediterranean“. A sea, the Mediterranean, that is not touching the border of my Region but that I always wanted to live, to be able to touch.

I remember when in Spring I used to open the windows of my living room and say to my Mum: “Mum I breath the sea…” Now I see it every day!

I love this sea also because since I was eleven years old, I loved to know more about the Greek myths, as well as the Egyptians and this Great Sea tells us the story of many of my heroes. Like Ulysses who wanted to follow “Virtute e Canoscenza” (Virtue and Knowledge) and I’m sure it tells something more that I hope to discover.

In fact, in Malta I feel like my life is an adventure, every step can lead you to explore and experience a piece of history and you can touch it, often it is open air, yes Malta is an open air musem as well as an underground one!

I also like to say that Malta is a drop of the Mediterranean Sea, here you can find traditions, cultures coming from both the South and the North side of the Mediterranean (and North Europe as well with the Normans, 1091 – 1266), even the Maltese language is a proof of it, with its semitic origins and many influences!

An example that a great friend Joe once told me, “Flora consider the fork and the knife, in Maltese are “Furketta” and “Sikkina”. Now, Furketta is coming from the Italian word Forchetta (Fork), while Sikkina is the Semitic word for Knife and is older than Fork.

Since the dawn of time, Malta was a crossroad of people and cultures. For me, when I arrived here in February 2014, it was my Neverland!

The island of the pirates (in fact Malta was often subject to the corsars attack), the islands of the Knights of Malta, the island where my happy thoughts made possible to fly here. Yes, because I had pictures of seaside sceneries attached on the wall of my room for more than 5 years. I dreamt about it for so long. Then, one day I could fly and I arrived here where my explorations started! And Malta always guides me in exploring her Beauty!

Thanks for reading about me, Flora the Explorer will bring you to Explore the Maltese Heritage and Nature, come with me to Experience the Villages and why not, stop to Enjoy one of the many cultural, traditional and gatronomic events.

Sometimes when you close your eyes and you think at a place you wish to go, you feel it, you imagine it…then that one becomes reality, you don’t know when, but believe me it will 😉

As my friend Paul used to tell me: “Flora you get what you get, you never know what’s around the next corner, hopefully is something good“. Yes, for me it is Malta!!!

See you soon!


Huge thanks to:

George and Leslie for your immense friendship, Elena Masci for my great Logo, my family and friends for making this adventure even more magical, Gregg and Paul my first companions of explorations, my partner Nick who not only support me but is often partner of my Maltese explorations and to all the people along the path that helped me!

Thanks Malta and thank you all for your precious help! Now I hope I can inspire you to…

Explore, Experience and Enjoy Malta 😉 

Ps. If you would like to contact me for an interview, an article or a collaboration please email me at [email protected]