When they will ask me: “Flora can you recommend us an experience of Malta that we can cherish along time?”

I will mention the combo Valletta Harbour Cruise and The Malta Experience!

And now I will tell you why 😉

Nowadays, Valletta Harbour attracts international boat competitions, mega international cruise ships and million tourists a year! 

The Valletta harbour tour is a journey of an hour and an half starting from the Sliema ferry dock in the Marsamxett Harbour towards the Grand Harbour itself.

Infact, the Scebarras peninsula, which is largely covered by the city of Valletta and its suburb Floriana, divides the Grand Harbour from a second parallel natural harbour, Marsamxett Harbour.

Two big fortifications built by the Knights of Malta protect the mouth of the harbour: at north east is bounded to the north by St Elmo’s Fort and further sheltered by an isolated breakwater, while it is bounded to the south by Ricasoli Point. Fort Ricasoli is the largest fort in Malta used during the French invasion of Malta in 1798, as a military hospital during the 19th century and used once again in World War II. Today it is used mainly as a filming location.

I loved to have so many different and privileged point of views of the Capital City, the Forts, the Three Cities.

It is a cruise for all ages, in particular the ‘giraffe’ will definitely caught the fantasty of your kids too 😉

At the centre of the Grand Harbour dominates Fort St Angelo, a bastioned fort in Birgu or Città Vittoriosa. In fact St Angelo played an important role during the Great Siege of 1565 which saw the victory of the Knights of the Order of St John against the Turkish armada.
The harbour cruise filled our eyes and heart of beauty. My mum and I were speachless: the majesty of the buildings aroud us and the stunning sea… Everything seemed so beautiful to be almost unreal!

I took some pictures hoping that they can express better than my simple words the magic of Valletta Harbour Cruise!

I’m pretty sure that now you would love to experience the Valletta Harbour Cruise too 🙂 

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Or else you would love to conclude this journey at The Malta Experience – the Audio Visual Spectacular

Come along and enjoy it with me 😉 

I was sincerely impressed by The Malta Experience!

The location itself is historical too as the theater is in the St. Elmo Bastions and the ticket also includes a visit of “La Sacra Infermeria” (Holy Infirmary).

Situated in a purpose-built panoramic auditorium, the show chronicles Malta’s unique history in just 45 minutes (and in 17 languages)!

I was overwhelmed at the end to have seen how the people of Malta had to face so many invasions since the Phoenician times. However, it was a glorious history, starting from 7’000 years ago with the megalithic temples builders.

It is true that experiencing the audio visual show will enrich your understanding of the islands, its people and you will visit the places during your holiday with a different eye!

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