Flora the Explorer on Segway Malta Tour

Hello Explorers in Malta and around the World! As you can tell from the cover picture, yes I did really enjoyed myself with Segway Malta going off-road on Segway.

However, I confess that at the beginning I was really, really scared to be on two wheels, especially when our guide Jean said that we would have experienced the most challenging tour…OMG!!

“Really Jean?”, I said thinking that I would have probably crushed as soon as I would have stepped on it!

“Yes – he confidently answered – and I promise Flora you are going to enjoy it a lot!”

So, he gave us a useful explanation on how the Segway works, how to move forward, stop and about the tour we were going to experience. 


Segway Malta offers a variety of great tours, from the cultural ones in Valletta and Mdina to the nature and scenic ones like the Dingli Cliff Adventure and the Golden Sands Tour.

Jean told us that the Golden Sand Tour is the ultimate off-road Segway experience, as the rough path along the Majjistral National Park can be tricky and that’s why it is even more adventurous!

At the end of the day more it is rough more it is fun, don’t you think so? Hi hi hi  

When then Jean said that the oldest age he guided on tour was an 89 years old man, we all showed up our impavid spirit (we were all worried, believe me) and with great excitement we started the tour.

Helmet on, we took courage to lean forward and…we are mooooving… Yuhuu!! Let’s go to catch the Sunset!

Segway Malta is an experience for everyone!

Maybe you would love to go on Segway but you are thinking that it is not for you. Oh well, if it is for Flora the Explorer, you can do it to!

Don’t miss out such a fun experience and the chance to overcome the fear! Segway Malta not only offers you to explore beautiful places but also empowers you in a way that you start as a complete beginner and you end the tour as a pro! YES!

Jean is highly experience Segway Tour Guide with more than 6 years with Segway Malta. He helps you along the way to overcome the holes and the very off-road sections of the trail. 

Segway Malta is also a perfect experience for team building, so plan a tour with your co-workers and find out how cool is that! 

Fun, History, Beaches, Nature and Sunset: enjoy Malta in Segway 

What can you ask for more?

With Segway Malta you have the fun and adventurous enjoynment plus you ride along the Historical, Nature National Park, il-Majjistral! How beautiful!

Jean showed us some WWII bullets as there was a spot on the cliff overlooking Golden Bay used for shooting training. The area was also protected by costal towers, built by the Knights of Malta to face a possible invasion of the pirates. The way they could advise the inhabitants without nowadays mobile phones, their “internet connection” was to lit a fire in one tower so that every towers would have lit the fire and in this way inform everyone of the danger. 

You can even pick up some historical souvenirs while enjoying a breathtaking view of Golden Bay and Gozo!

Sunset on the Majjistral Park Cliffs

The best part of the tour is riding with the light of the sunset guiding you and finally arrive to a stunning cliff (probably Bronze Age temple’s area) and assist to that 1 minute when the sun falls into the sea, (ehi the sun I said, we were steady on our Segway 😉 ).


A massive thanks to the whole team of Segway Malta for this super experience and to my friends who are crazy enough to follow Flora the Explorer in her adventures 🙂

Guys it is amazing and a must-try activity when in Malta!

Fun, Adventure and more!

Recommended by Flora the Explorer 🙂