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It’s hard to deny that the daily pace of life in Malta is pretty slow, anything that can be done today, can easily be done next week or the week after if you’re lucky. Although it can be frustrating for many expats when they first arrive, you soon get used to it and tend to follow the same pattern after a while…when in Rome and all that. I’ve always been a great believer that there is no law in life that says it has to be stressful or unpleasant. In my simple little world (apart from when it comes...

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Settling in, words by Nick an Englishman in Malta

As an Englishman leaving the UK the reception received on foreign soil can be a pretty much hit and miss affair, especially in Europe. Admittedly over the years we haven’t really helped ourselves. From terrorising everyone with our football fans in the 80’s/90’s to more recently voting to leave the EU and suggesting we are better off on our own. In general apart from when I’m spending money, I’m normally made to feel as welcome as Gary Glitter at a playschool when it comes to travelling abroad. Luckily for us the vast majority of Maltese welcome us with open...

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Life in the Sun

After living in Malta for two years now, I’m going to try to explain the main differences between living here and England. This week I’m going to start with the most obvious, the big yellow hot thing in the sky…the Sun! It’s no secret to those that know me that I adore the sun, I’ve been burnt to bits in many countries across the world and the lure of hot weather was my main reason for moving to Malta.  As a typical Englishman abroad, if there is a chance to top up the tan I will find it. From...

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