Let me start by giving you a bit more about my background.

My previous job in the UK (along with my writing) was working in a school.  As a member of staff, the sheer elation of breaking up for a 6-week summer holiday could not be beaten. I think I probably looked forward to this more than the students.

I am a mother to 3-year-old Bridget who is happily attending Kindergarten at the local primary school. Adorable as she is and honest as I am, the countdown to the 12(!) week summer holiday here in Malta this year filled me with dread rather than that of joy. 

My saviour came in the form of summer school, although registered for a few hours here and there, I still had plenty of time over the next 3 months to keep a 3-year-old entertained. This is where my journey begins…

An opportunity to visit places across the island that will specifically keep kids entertained, the chance to explore, have lots of fun and give me the opportunity to have 5 minutes enjoying a cup of tea.

So, Bridget and Mummy are on a mission. We’ll visit places to suit all budgets (I’m by no means made of money) We’ll also visit places that appeal to broader age ranges not just toddlers.

To start our summer holidays off gently, we take a trip not too far from home to Twinkle Tots in Qawra.

Based at Club Riza, Twinkle Tots is open to all children with activities for babies up to around 6 years old. With weekly timetables, as well as the soft play area, children can also enjoy messy play, musical sessions, stories, karaoke, discovery and crafts to name a few.  Our visit involved soft play and a musical session. All for under €5.

I love it when Bridget sings. Unlike mummy, I would prefer it if she didn’t grow up inheriting my complete inability to sing in tune and unable to play any musical instruments. I encourage Bridget to sing as often as possible.  Her favourite song at present appears to be Happy Birthday which she sings twice daily to her pet rabbit rather originally named ‘Bunny Rabbit’.  To date, in my world, it feels like Bunny Rabbit should be 870 years old.

A musical session at Twinkle Tots is just what we both need.

Joined by her favourite Flora the Explorer, Bridget is super excited to kick off her shoes, enter the soft play area and show Flora what she is made of 😉

A mini ball pond, foam building blocks, a playhouse, cuddly toys a slide and even a space hopper make up a perfectly safe play area that is a feast of colours for babies to sit with parents and enjoy and lots of fun for the other children.

With space for messy play, discovery, painting and all kinds of other crafts, Twinkle Tots also has a separate room for further activities.

Hosted by owner Sian, Bridget and the other children are entertained in this room with balloons, a bubble machine, a colourful parachute, musical instruments and of course music.

What’s even better is the whole area being visible from a seated area where I can grab a cup of tea. Perfect.

With many songs to act out, Bridget is soon worn out. I recognise by her face that a ‘I’ve had enough, nothing will make me stop’ whinge is on its way.

Please bear in mind that this is no reflection on Twinkle Tots, even if I took Bridget on a no expense spared trip to Disneyland Florida this whinge would still show its face.

We finish with ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ put on our shoes and head home.

A short nap in the car sees my little princess all refreshed and ready to tell Daddy about her day. I seize the opportunity to take a shower and leave them to it. Ten minutes spent with Daddy leads to me being treated to a revised version of heads’ shoulders, knees and toes while I long to finish my shower in peace…

“Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes,

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes,

And eyes and ears and mouth and nose,

Heads, shoulders, cheese on toast,

Cheese on toast”

Time for another cup of tea I think…