Dear Explorers,  my exploration today is dedicated to all animal lovers and for those who are truly fond of dogs!

I love dogs as well and together with Nick we could’t miss the opportunity to visit the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary for its opening day 🙂

The Sanctuary is located on top of a hill close to the beautiful Paradise Bay, so if you are visiting by bus like me and Nick, don’t worry 😉 It is easy to get to the Ark, just walk along the path towards Paradise Bay and take the left when you arrive on top, you will clearly see a group of small shelters in the middle of the fields.

Here the map, click on the red pin 😉

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary Mellieha

Visiting Hours from 8.30 to 11am/12 pm.

Tel: 79730900

Email: [email protected]

 Rescued dogs are happy dogs at Noah’s Ark Sanctuary, this is sincerely true!

We had the occasion to meet amazing people who are volunteers at the Ark and in particular Eleanor, who is a passionate veterinary and spends all her free time from work with her four legged friends at the Ark.

She welcomed us with a tour of the Sanctuary and she explained to us more about the dogs and their activity in the video below 🙂

Eleanor showed us dogs of different ages, sizes and their individual stories. Unfortunately, there are people who abandon a puppy just because it causes some mess in the house, or dogs who have lost their owner because they were old people and were not able to take care of them or because they passed away. Sometimes dogs are abandoned simply because are not anymore attractive…

Regardless of their condition or their story, everyone of them is welcomed at the Ark and finds a space in the heart of every volunteer, who will never leave them without a chance of a happy life!

The opening day is actually a lovely occasion to see the different activities that you can offer as a volunteer at the Ark.

It was great to see many families with kids taking the dogs for a walk outside the Sanctuary!

Eleanor told us that weekend is the busiest time for the Sanctuary, when the dogs are so happy to see new friends and kids coming to cuddle them, play with them or take them to the beach… That is what a dog dreams about and wishes more than anything else, as you can tell from their wagging tails 😉

How about the volunteers?

I believe that people who dedicate their free time and their life to volunteering are like angels!

When asked why they are volunteers, the answer is usually “these dogs give me back so much joy in return, so much love, that is amazing!

That is what Mark and Lisa told us: “Believe me – she said – after a week spent at the office, when I come here is literally refreshing and the dogs give me so much happiness!

The same for Leon, a Dutch guy who came to Malta for the sun and then fell in love with the rescued dogs. There is also Carl the Veterinary, who even if is busy with is job never misses the occasion to dedicate time and care to the Noah’s four legged hosts.

Many others volunteers I’ve seen but don’t know their name yet, I really admire and I’d love to know them better!

We can give our love to these dogs, they are waiting for us!

You can visit the Sanctuary any day from 8.30am (in Summer even earlier) to 11-12pm and spend some good time with them, or if you are looking to give a forever home to one of them please contact them soon!

While we were there the volunteers brought four rescued puppies and there are also other two, like Watson (in the picture) a lovely puppy girl who is ready to give you all her love!

Thanks for reading the article 🙂

Here the contact details of Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary

Tel. (+356) 79730900

Email: [email protected]


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