It’s Sunday Explorers, hurrah!

Sunday for me is the smile of the kids jumping out from the bed covers and ready to live a new adventure!

It’s the happy wagging tail of your dog ready to go out! So let’s go!

Today we are out for a picnic at Kennedy Grove Park
at the Salina National Park in St Paul’s Bay šŸ˜‰

Kennedy Grove National Salina Park

Welcome to the Salina National Park also called Kennedy Grove.

The entrance at the park is free and is open every day.

You will find toilet facilities and a cafeteria.

And if you are thinking “ok but my coffee?”

Don’t worry at the Kennedy Grove there is a nice cafeteria area where you can stop for refreshments šŸ˜‰

Moreover at the Kennedy Grove park there are some huge trees…
I love them so much!!!

In Malta you can miss the green, especially in Summer and yes the blue replace the nostalgia for the green but hugging a beautiful tree is like find a friend after the days spent in the office and having lots of things to share…

Relax it’s Sunday!

Bring with you a good book, maybe the one you have near your bed but you are always to much tired to read it. Open it, breath and let your kids run around.

The Kennedy grove has a lovely play area where they can have lots of fun in complete safe.


I was with Nick sitting on a bench and I was just chilling out, no books, no words.

Actually quite a strange situation for my mind who never stop thinking. I loved watching the water pooring out from the fountains and kids playing with it.

Then I start exploring the park and I discovered why it is called after Kennedy. The grove is a memorial garden commissioned by the Maltese government in 1964 andĀ co-funded by American citizens living in Malta and the US government to commemorate the formerĀ US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was assassinated in November 1963.

You can see a tribute monument as a memory of the President with an inscription reportingĀ one of his famous expression.

The parkĀ is not only a popular family attraction for Maltese families andĀ holiday makers in search of a little oasis not so far from the Bugibba hustle but is alsoĀ part of the afforestation project for the Salina area. So thanks to the people who planted the trees now we can enjoy a bit of shade and the singing of the birds!

By the way, regarding birds the Kennedy Grove is part of the Salina National Park, so it is close to the historical Salina Bay where the Salina Bird Park recently opened.Ā Flora the Explorer was at the inauguration but I will return atĀ a quieter time to show you aroud moreĀ šŸ˜‰ The entrance is free so if you are there I invite you to go and explore the Salini Salt Pans Bird Park!

Explorers enjoy your day out with your family, friends or just with yourself, always enjoy your company and…

Explore, Experience, Enjoy Malta with Flora the Explorer šŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading the article!