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St Publius in procession to St Paul’s Bay Islands

Live with Flora the Explorer  the Historical Pilgrimage  St Publius taken to sea to pay Homage to St Paul Dear Explorers, on Sunday the 9th of July I was invited by the  Assoċjazzjoni Publju ta’ Malta  to participate at the first edition of the Pilgrimage of St Publius in honour of St Paul’s 1850th martyrdom anniversary. Maybe you are thinking who was St Publius and why he is so important with the life of St Paul? Publius was a Maltese National who according to tradition, was born of noble parents around the year 33 AD. Their urban residence was where...

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Rescued dogs Happy dogs at Noah’s Ark Sactuary Mellieha

Dear Explorers,  my exploration today is dedicated to all animal lovers and for those who are truly fond of dogs! I love dogs as well and together with Nick we could’t miss the opportunity to visit the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary for its opening day 🙂 The Sanctuary is located on top of a hill close to the beautiful Paradise Bay, so if you are visiting by bus like me and Nick, don’t worry 😉 It is easy to get to the Ark, just walk along the path towards Paradise Bay and take the left when you arrive on...

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Wignacourt Tower the oldest fortification in St Paul’s Bay

HI EXPLORERS, TODAY WE VISIT THE WIGNACOURT TOWER My dear explores imagine that what is today a lovely and lively toursit destination, was instead at the time of the arrival of the Knights an unprotected island at risk of corsairs’ attacks and Ottomans invations. Even more unprotected was the North of Malta, with St Paul’s Bay geographically located in a natural depression that goes down from the Mosta ridge. In fact, the English Army built the Victoria Lines, originally known as the North West Front, along the natural barrier known as the Great Fault. The English potentiated what actually the Knights...

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Who are the most photographed Maltese? The Mgarr Strawberries

 WELCOME TO THE STRAWBERRY FEAST   Hi explorers, what a nice feast I found for you, ins’t it? Malta is good for many thinks: to relax, to enjoy the sun and sea, to explore its great heritage and to enjoy Mediterranean food 😉 We enjoyed the Maltese Olive Oil in Zejtun (click here) and the Potatoes in Qrendi (click here), now how about the Strawberries in Mgarr? Well, I did a bit of reaserch on the web and I discovered that strawberries are very old. There were in the bushes of the Neolitic woods around 10.000 years ago! Strawberries are...

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Explore the Marine Life at the Malta National Aquarium

Hi Explorers, how are you guys? It’s always nice to have you here! Yesterday I was talking with a girl of nine years old, Yasmine, when she told me: “Flora do you know that we know more about the stars then of our own planet?“. “Really?“, I answered, amazed by this little girl affirmation. “Yes – she continued – because our Earth is covered by 71 percent of water and we do not know more about it“. Well, as a good explorer I took Jasmine’s worries as an invite to go and explore more about the marine life! It’s time to go...

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