The Mediterrenean Tourism Forum organized by the Malta Hotel Restaurant Association and the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation is more than a conference, is the possibility to gather 32 different country representatives in Malta to talk about the present and the future of Tourism.

It started with the music of the Italian jazz pianist Bruno Sartori and then the President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca highlighted how peace is the key for prosperity and that tourism has a fundamental role to bring peace in the Mediterranean and all over the world.

The title of this fourth edition was “Hot – Hospitality of Tomorrow“, so Zed, a nine foot tall robot, together with Clare Agius, presenter and actress, introduced us what is “hot” about technology and innovation in future tourism.

Anyway as much as technology can enhance the tourist’s experience is still the smile that make the difference. It’s still the quality in the interpersonal relationships that allows tourists to feel a true hospitality!

I could appreciate many different speakers from Hungary, Egypt, Turkey, Palestine, France, Italy, North Cyprus, Indonesia, Korea, India, Croatia…
All of them highlighted in some ways the volountee to take action to promote tourism as a vehicle for peace, for more jobs and so more hope and social engaging!


Moreover what I would like to share with you is that when I came back home I brought with me a lot of joy for the beautiful people I met.

I can sum up the overall experience with a word: connection!

Actually connection is what the forum is all about.

Meeting with Mariola, Caterina, Prathish, Alessandro, Marco… I received lots of messages regarding this concept of connections.

First of all connect with yourself, be authentic don’t do things to please someone but just do it because you like it! Be open to meet people, because those connections will bring you new insights and opportunities. And remember that we are all connected!

Yes I believe as well that tourism can spread out this message that we are all one in one, in our beautiful differences!

This forum gave me a push, to keep doing what I’m doing that in few words is love, love Malta, love the Mediterranean variegate culture that I’m willing to discover, to explore more and more so that I can tell you many stories on the experiences that I’m living.

I feel connected with you and thanks to everyone who shared and will share a word to empower, to generate more peace, respect and prosperity for everyone!