Valletta’s Carnival is Spectacular!


Valletta the Baroque Capital of Malta, expressed this year the beauty of the Carnival masquerade parade in the most sumptuous, higly decorated and colourful costumes ever!

The masquerade groups are my favourite Carnival subject, especially when taking pictures 😉


The making of the costumes and the floats is a great work that involves families and volunteers, for many months before the parade. I remember when with my friends at school we used to draw some sketches of our next costumes, but the ones found in Valletta are superb!

Carnival with its grotesque and burlesque masks (and confetti thrown all around), is the symbol of the beauty, excess and exaggeration, in every part of the world where it is celebrated!

In fact, since antiquity we are celebrating the Carnival as a ritual of overturning of each order or logic! For the Romans was the Saturnalia, a Feast dedicated to the deity Saturn. All rules were dismissed as much that a slave could have been served by his master! 

Why do we call it Carnival?

It comes from the Roman Christians expression of “Carne” – meat – and “Vale” – goodbye. Basically the Carnevale or Carnival, was the period when all the excess were allowed before the fourty days of Lent, where they used to leave out meat and alcohol prior to fasting.

So Carnival is a period of joy and fun!

If you are in Malta enjoy the Carnival till Tuesday the 28th in Valletta, Hamrun, St Paul’s Bay and Gozo! For the Program of Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th click here

Don’t forget to taste the Maltese typical Carnival sweet, Prinjolata!

Don’t worry, here in Valletta I didn’t see any confetti except the typical Carnival confetti called Perilini, but those are sweet 😉

Enjoy it!

Thanks for reading the article, see you at the next event!