Ciao Explorers 🙂

I’m so happy today! Why? Because Spring is finally here!

I mean in Malta we are blessed with mild Winter weather, but still the idea of Spring is a sensation of joy, new colours and new walking tours 😉

So come with me along a lovely walk to the Wardija Battery 😉

The path starts just from the beginning of St Paul’s Bay’s Bypass Road and moves towards Wardija Ridge, check out the red pins on the map 😉


Start of the walk, St Paul's Bay Bypass

Wardija Battery

The Wardija Battery is a military and historical place in St Paul’s Bay.

Flora the Explorer went for a walk along the countryside up on the Wardija Ridge and discovered the Wardija Battery, a British Military spot built to protect St Paul’s Bay during the First World War.

Nick would say that to arrive at the Wardija Ridge it took a while, as Flora stopped here and there, like bee, amazed by the colours of the countryside and its beautiful Spring flowers 🙂

Come here explorers look at this! Isn’t it romantic, a fence overlooking the valley?

That is the Spring mood that opens our hearts for new adventures!

Rather than stop at the fence, Nick preferred to get to the top of the hill to see the battery…

Basically you follow the track to the top and then take the right path, just below the ridge to get to the Wardija Battery. It’s a short but reasonably challenging walk, if you stop like Flora the Explorer it could take you hours but if you are impatient like Nick it will take about  30 minutes 😉


The site was built during 1914 to 1915 to protect St Paul’s Bay. In fact, its elevated position allowed the soldiers to dominate the valleys and the sea view.

Impressive the two circular sites dug into the rocks, which were armed with two 6 Inch-QF Guns.

Fields defences were also erected all around. The cost to build the all site was at that time of £600 including labour.

The Wardija Battery was eventually replaced by Fort-Campbell, built further north at Selmun a position that commanded the mouth of St Paul’s Bay. Even if its role was taken by Fort-Campbell, still during the World War Second a radar set of the Gun Laying (GL) series was established on the site of Wardija Battery.

Explorers it’s amazing that not so far away, soldiers were ready to give their lives to protect their Country…

I must say that the site is impressive, including the breathtaking panoramic views!

I just opened my arms as a seagull ready to fly, thankfully in a serene sky! I felt really blessed!

So explorers enjoy the view that spans from Mosta Ridge to the Salina Bay, then covers the three areas of Qawra, Bugibba, St Paul’s Bay till Xemxija, Mistra Bay and Mellieha!

Wow, let me know your impressions! 

Explore, Experience and Enjoy Malta with Flora the Explorer 😉

Thanks for reading!

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