The French historian Braudel about the Mediterranean remembered:

A thousand things at once… Travelling in the Mediterranean is discover ancient things, still existing, alongside others ultramodern…

Experiencing Malta I can say that this is very true. I see this kaleidoscopic Mediterranean with Malta at its centre that reflects its many colours and lights.

In Malta you can discover the ancient things exploring its countryside, the valleys, the cliffs…

The South opens its doors to the visitor letting him appreciate the deep essence of Malta: thousand things at ones, past and present in one place!

 Here you are an example. On the pictures above you can see the clear crystal blue water of St George’s Bay in Birżebbuġa, if you look behind you you will see a bus stop. Take the path walking on the up hill and follow Flora the Explorer…

The path leads to a place called Is-Sinjura Ta Borg in-Nadur. Over here I was greatly surprised!

In the same area where is set an altar with the statue of Our Lady (Is-Signura) there is a ruin of a wall of an ancient settlement called Borg in Nadur.

Borg in- Nadur is an example of something that leads us to long time ago to the 1500 B.C., the Bronze Age period.

At that time, the Mediterranean was not really a safe place.

The fortified village built on top of the hill shows the necessity to protect the community by the potential attacks from the sea.

We are on a hill overlooking St George and Birżebbuġa Bays and it is a calm morning today, but if you walk to explore the area over here you can see the ruins of the wall of the Borg in Nadur village.

When you will be there imagine that to protect the BAY
it was erected a bastion of gigantic dimensions!

In Valletta at the Archeological Museum you can see the artifacts that our predecessors were using. They used to work with metals and the pottery is characterized by engraved zig zag decorations and filled with a white paste.

Very close to the Borg in Nadur area I discovered something that for me is really amazing: some of the stones of a megalithic temple which is standing after 3000 years with all its past glory still alive.

I didn’t expect to see a temple over there, but this is the beauty of Malta. The old times here are so accessible and everywere!

The temples are something so unique and the real treasure of the Maltese heritage!

Quoting Braudel again, you can walk in Malta and immerse yourself in many different ages at the same time.

Just use your imagination and it will reveal to you even more that you can see!

Are you ready for the next exploration?


Follow Flora the Explorer… let’s go to discover Birżebbuġa 😉 click here

Explore Ta Hagrat Megalithic Temple in Mgarr, Click here

Ps. Thansk to Vincent DeBono, turist guide who accompained me to discover this amazing site!

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To find a different version of the origins and story of the Meghalitic temples of Malta here are the books of Francis Aloisio