Experience the Persian Cuisine in Malta

Hi Explorers ๐Ÿ™‚

Tonight MaltaNow sent me to Xemxija for a review of a new Restaurant, the Shafa Perisian Restaurant.

What a great occasion to experience something completely new for me and probably for you as well.

Infact, I love Malta food wise a lot, because here I had the occasion to try all sorts of food from all over the world and that in a way reflects the multicultural identity of this Mediterranean pearl.

What excites me is that not only have I never tasted Persian food before but also this is the first and only Persian Restaurant and Tea House in Malta… completely unique!

What makes Shafa so special is the authenticity of the place.

No alcohol is served but you can surely enjoy yourself relaxing with a super selected cup of tea.

Shawna has studied all the proprerties and qualities of all the teas in the world and at Shafa you have a unique wide selction of tea. I’m going to try the berry one.

We were welcome by the owners Farhad, a well travelled Persian and a delightful host, along with his wife Trudy.

Farhad not only studied Italian at the University in Perugia (same city where I studied), then he went to Canada where he met his wife, Trudy (who speaks incredible Persian). They moved to Malta many years ago and have recently opened up the Safa Restaurant, to welcome Maltese and people in his culinary tradition, the one of the great Persian ancient Empire!

Trudy told us that most of the recipies are still the ones of 3000 years ago, where the Persian Empire started to flourish.

What is today Iran was a great power, as famous is the Emperor Cyrus, who conquered basically all the middle east and built canals, palaces and gardens.ย 

Farhad reminded us that the word paradise comes from the Persian word “paradise” that means “garden”.

A part from the military power of the Persian Empire what is characteristic of that wide and rich land of Iran are three things: zaffron, pomegranate and roses.

Well, I have to say that Iran is a land of mountains, sea, sumptuous nature, delicious dried fruits, pistachios, walnuts, olives and olive oil, all the species of fruits…woow!

This authentic bazaar of flavours and taste is magically under our eyes
on the dinner table at Shafa Restaurant.ย 

Delicious kebab marinated in zaffron made by the expert hands of Mohammed, the “kebab master”, who was one of the top Chefs in Iran, working in some of their most famous restaurants! I say to Mohammed: “Thank you! your food, let me travel in your country which I never seen but seems beautiful”.

Then we tasted the authentic basmati rice from Iran, that has a completely different taste compared to the others and dishes with spices that I never tasted before!

That food is glorious, as the Persian Ancient Empire and genuine
as the family who runs the Shafa Restaurant.

Farhad told us that Persian food is also very healthy, generally vegan, gluten free, dairy free and respect a law of balance, to perfect a mix between cold and hot, wet and dry.

That’s why the name Shafa, as it means healthy!

I really recommmend this restaurant to travel in a journey of taste discovering the charm and the seductive flavours of Perisian-Iran land, just sitting at the dinner table of Shafa ๐Ÿ˜‰

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For more information or to book a table, please contact
Shafa Persian Restaurant and Tea House,
Triq l-Imgiebah, Xemxija, St Paul’s Bay.
Tel. (+356)ย 21578919.
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