While Valletta is dressing up for the grand New Year’s Eve, on the west side of the rocky island, up on a hill, only the tolling of the bell tower of St. Paul’s Cathedral break the silence of the ancient capital.

Mdina under the Christmas atmosphere is still keeping her secrets inside her palaces. Not a noise.

The warmth of flickering lanterns lights up the serpentine alleys. I wonder if there will be someone in his studio intent on writing the good intentions for the new year.


Certainly, there is someone (like me) who is intent to spend the few calories left in a hot chocolate in one of the scenic cafeterias of the centre.

Well, the stunning view enjoyed from their terraces deserved to be celebrated with a piece of cake, moreover in Mdina seems that they bake all night long.

Protected by its massive wall the secrets of Mdnina and my calories will be safe, embraced by the sunset that is slowly coming down making the stone shining of a warm mustard yellow.

Time to go home, it’s cold now. The view of the superb baroque Nativity in the Cathedral and its precious paintings gave me a sense of peace and serenity.

Mdina is like that, you enter in the main gate and the first carrozzin brings away any problems or unecessary thought…

Anyway, this is The Silent City…

Thanks for reading me 🙂

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