Lija is a village between dream and reality!

Every village in Malta has something so distinctive that you will remember. Lija has its Belvedere Tower, called by the locals the “Cake Tower” for it layers shape.

The Tower was finished 1857 as a decorative building of a charming Villa garden. What’s left of that Villa is the tower as a charming door to its dream village.

Lija it is so beautiful with its old palaces and villas, that also the Prime Minister lives here.

A walk around the Parish Church dedicated to Our Saviour will leave you speachless.

Lija its romantic, it seems it is suspended between dream and reality…

While now Lija welcomes the explorers with a warm Christmas atmosphere, in August it is one of the most vibrant village for its Patron Feast and the renowned fireworks factory.

So if you have the occasion to stop in the central area of Malta, close to Birkirkara and Mosta, enjoy a walk around Lija’s lovely alleys.

Every corner of Lija deserved a picture, hope you can stop here and wander around the village!

Here the map with the location ;)

Lija, Parish Church

Lija Parish Church Our Saviour

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