My dear Explorers, since I was very young I was very keen in knowing more about ourselves, I mean like who we are and why we are here and how we can feel happy…

I am an explorer of my soul through life experiences and during my explorations I came to know Grand Master Wei Ling Yi, who will come to Malta from the 29th of April to the 1sr of May.

We will have the great opportunity to participate to Grand Master’s Lectures!

When it comes to talk about a great Master such as Wei Ling Yi, simple words cannot really describe the positive impact that the meeting with the Master can bring to your life.

So I thought that I can share with you my experience. My research here and there, in books and journeys brought me to understand that we are energy. That means that our body as well as our emotions, can be represented in energy frequences. 

This can be explained when you feel in resonance with someone at a first glance, for instance. That means that your frequences are in resonance with the other, so it is easy to understand each other.

On a physical level what we call disease, can be a block of the energy in our body. That can happen for many reasons, but Grand Master Wei Ling Yi is here to teach us how to get free from these blocks and how to balance our emotions.

My story with the Master starts two years ago when a friend of mine went to his seminar here in Malta. At that time I couldn’t make it, even if I really wanted to learn his teachings but was unable to participate.

A year later a girl from abroad visiting Malta was looking for a taxi in Bugibba and she found my website  On the website there is a picture of me and she knew about me because we had a common friend, the person who told me about the seminar the year before and who she met there.

So basically after one year, last November, thanks to a girl from abroad and to, I had the great opportunity to meet the Master … as we say “when the student is ready the Master will come”…

I feel this strong connection with Master Wei Ling and every Wednesday I go to Hamrun to practise the exercises that he taught us together with the Malta group. It is the same place where it will be held the workshop. It is called Yep Educational Centre inside the Boys Learning Support Centre in Hamrun (it is in front of Johann Strauss School of Music and there is also a big parking space). 

Which are the benefits to come to the workshop?

  • I believe that first of all and probably the most important one is to open up to a new consciousness that see the human being as a source of energy.
  • Second to learn how to balance our emotional energy and how to heal ourselves.

Unfortunately no one taught us how we can connect with our source of energy, how we can feel stronger, happier and healtier. However Master Wei Ling is here to show us how to do it and it is so simple that you will be astonished!

I hope that if you are in Malta you can make it, you can come and experience yourself this incredible and simple teaching that can enrich your life in such huge and incredible ways!

How it could have been our life if we would have had these teachings availble when we were young?

Think about it…

You can bring your kids too, Master Wei Ling is offering a morning workshop for children,