Do you remember when you were at school?

Who didn’t feel panic for the exams?

Who did really feel focus and concentrate when it comes to study?

Who really wanted to study?

And do you remember sometimes it was really hard to socialize and be accepted by the other children!

Now, how many times you say to your children: “Study hard! Be Strong!”

Well, maybe your children are living the same feeling and issues that we all lived some years ago.

No volunteer, lack of confidence, communicative and social difficulties…

This can change!

So that they will be willing students and balanced future adults!

You can give to your children A New Way to See School!


Yixue Educational Programme it’s the right course to support students in school and family environment.

Do you want your children be happy at school, make good friends and be serene at home and in life?


On the 28th of April to the 1st of May Sign to the YEP EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME

Your children together with you will learn a simple and fun method that will alleviate learning challenges and specific learning difficulties.

Life Cultivation Malta Association organizes the YEP course under the Yixue Education Expert Master Wei Ling Yi, who has already helped hundreds of students and families around the world and in Malta.

The Course is at its 6th edition in Malta and is approved by the Department of Counselling University of Malta.

Here a comment from the Faculty of Wellbeing 

Experience with your family Master Wei Ling Yi’s unique method.

Discover a totally new approach in the field of learning and develop virtue,
good health and wisdom!

There are many other positive feedbacks from our Maltese students and abroad.

I really recommend the Master workshop for you and your children,
it will be an amazing family experience!

For the adults Grand Master’s lectures, click here


To apply at the Yep Educational Programme write to Ms Josette Ciappara, [email protected] or call her at (+356) 79704577