There is something compelling about these structures; something mysterious in the stones; they fill you with awe and generate in you a humble reverence. The temples embody in them the history of humanity: past, present and future. The temples are the material and silent witnesses of the past and Malta is an open book that narrates and tells the whole history of the human race. 

Quotes by Ranfis from “Islands of Dream”.

I remember the first time I met Francis Xavier Aloisio.

It was on April 2014, I had just arrived in Malta and I didn’t know anything about the Megalithic Temples. The only thing I knew was that Malta was my Neverland, the island where I could start a new life. I felt myself like Peter Pan, flying in a new place, an island that for me was the Island of my dreams, because I’ve always dreamt to go to live by the sea.

I didn’t know at that time, that Malta would have been even more than the island of the Knights, of the adventurous Mediterranean people, like the Phoenicians or the Romans, and then the EnglishMoreover Malta could be the island of a lost civilization.

When I saw for the first time the temples (my first one was the Bugibba Temple, click here), I thought that they were something greater than what we can think or understand about them… Something mysterious and mythical.

Therefore, I was curious to know more, let’s say that the archaeological documentation that I was reading in the many Malta guidebooks, really did not satisfy my curiosity. How could it have been possible that prehistoric people were able to lift such huge, massive stones without any particular tool, than their own hands. How it is possible that the primitive men felt such a deep need to create Temples where worshipping a sort of God or Goddess and make sacrifices for them, while on the other hand they were living in simple caves and shelters. My question was: can it be so articulate the consciousness of God for those men to manifest such a great veneration or devotion?

So, one day while I was looking for another guide book in one of the main book shops I saw “The Islands of Dream – The Temples of Malta, Hidden Mysteries Revealed” by Francis Xavier Aloisio and his “An Alternative Handbook to the Maltese Temples – A Cosmic Perspective & Guide”.
Well I was astonished! Finally, someone could answer all of my questions about the temples and provide a guide for an epic exploration of these World Unesco Sites.

I bought the books together with “The Age of Magic and Wisdom – Humankind’s Evolutionary Journey and the Maltese Temples”. This one was the first one I read and my favourite one, I can say that while “The Islands of Dream” is more like a novel, this one goes deeply in details about the link between Malta, the evolution of the human being and the lost civilization of Atlantis.

I was immersed in the reading when I said to myself, “Flora the author is Maltese why you don’t write him an email and say that you would like to meet him”. I did it and few days later I met Francis.

I was super happy!

Since that day, I had the occasion to meet him once a year and by “coincidence” one day when I was in Hagar Qim with my sister and her husband, actually, while I was telling them the story read in his book.

I personally feel a special connection with Malta, I feel her presence around me and I believe that Malta is a very energetic and special place that yes, could have been the lost Atlantis.

I’ve recently interviewed Francis who has launched a new initiative to film a video documentary about the temples of Malta and I had the opportunity to know more on how everything started for him.

I asked to Francis, “after nine books published now the video project, but how did everything started for you?”

He answered to me: “You know Flora, I’ve never had in mind to start a project about the temples. However, as a Maltese living abroad, in England, Canada and Peru I’ve noticed that Malta was relatively unknown. One day I thought how could it be possible that Malta boasts the oldest freestanding structures in the World, a Mediterranean story that goes back since the Phoenician times and it is not so well known… So, one day I started painting…being a painter or an artist was my dream since I was a boy.

Let me say that in a way the Temples and their energy started to communicate with me through paintings, to a creative process of my mind. Then, as you have read in the books, an alternative information just flew on my desk, maybe through a book or a person, even people from abroad started sending me information! I was overwhelmed, because I never thought I would be able to write a book, but there was like a force guiding me and so compelling that I wrote the first book!

Since the first book was launched, I’ve been witnessing the amazing coincidences that always brought me to meet the right person willing to print the book or to support me in some ways!

It was as if the temples wanted to let people know about them and their epic story and me being a medium, their artist and writer.

“Francis – I asked him – your next project of filming a video of your alternative documentation about the Temples will be a fantastic medium as well!

I believe that it will also open a new tourism perspective for Malta, as an Epic destination where to experience and explore more about the temples as part of the myth of Atlantis”.

“Yes – Aloisio answered – that’s why we launched with the help of Sproud Media a crowd founding project to be able to financiate one year of filming, so that we can show the temples and tell more about Atlantis. In a way, the video will be the sum of all the information that I have written in more than ten years of researches in Malta and abroad. I believe this is a great project for Malta and the Temples.”

I’m looking forward to see the video and I’m sure that with a little contribution from of us, we can support Francis in his project here is the link, click here

One thing I revealed to Francis and now to you , my explorers, sometimes there are things that we cannot actually explain with the information that we have got with our studies.  Francis with his work is explaining that there is a missing link between the civilization that found the temples, 4000 years ago and the one who actually created them, probably 40000 years ago.

As we don’t have archaeological proofs we tend to close the doors to a new version of the history.

However thanks to people like Francis or the scientists like Gregg Braden, just to quote one, we can now access new information, an “alternative” one. So if you are open to the new, you will see that this information comes to you in the most unconventional ways, maybe not from books, but from dreams and particular encounters.  When I found Francis’s book a friend of mine called me, saying that she had a dream of a common friend and philosopher, passed away, who was giving her a book that was for me, as it was the book I was looking for…Amazing!!

Hopefully if we will be open and we will “let the stones speak”, as the famous archaeologist Sir Temmit Zammit used to say, we will be able to experience more of this epic journey, as Francis says, the temples journey.

Thanks for reading,

See you soon explorers!

Here the link to Francis’s website and books so you can read more and know more about the temples and if you want to collaborate for the realization of the video, please click here 😉



For some of the pictures http://www.maltatemplejourneys.com/Index.html

A special thanks to Francis Xavier Aloisio