A Festival of Love


Flora the Explorer could not missed the Autumn Holistic Event dedicated to Love for the Planet or the Bubble Festival 2016!

The Festival was held on Saturday and Sunday 24-25 September at the Gaia Grove in a place between Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha, two beautiful beaches of Malta. In the pictures you can also see Gnejna Bay at the distance, that can be traslated as “The little garden bay”.

In a little garden as well were set up all the stands, the camping area and the main tend where you could attend the holistic workshops. What it is special about the Peace Grove it is not only the amazing view overlooking these three bays but also that it is dedicated to people who made a difference in the World! 

Not a case so that the festival of love and awareness was organized over there!

A part from the many holistic workshops, there was also especially in the evening lots music and healthy food!

I hade the opportunity to attend at the workshop of Guru Prabhu Darmayasa, founder of the Number Meditation technique, organized by the Angka Meditation Europe Group.

It was really interesting listening to the Guru and find on how simple can be using the power of the numbers to connect ourselves to our Inner Divine Source!

For more information about Angka Meditation, please visit their website www.angkameditation.org


Enjoy the Bubbles and see you at the next experience 😉