A secret is something hidden from your eyes and surely
something appealing to be discovered!

When it comes to secrets linked to a territory and its village I think that one of the best way to discover its secrets is to meet the locals.

Usually the locals possess the secrets of their village, the stories, the curiosities that are handed down from grandfather to grandson, while hand in hand accompanies him at school or for a stroll during the summer holidays.

The South of Malta is like a treasure chests, every village has its own character made by the people who were living there and if you have the occasion to explore one of those try to ask some questions or indication to one of them…


They will make the walls speak so that even the most indifferent façade
has actually a story to tell!

Like that balcony in the pictures.

Do you see those flowers on the window ledge?

It was revealed to me that not so ong ago, they were a clear sign of the presence in the house of an available woman to marry.

I can say that Flora the Explorer was really lucky to have found a special guide for her exploration of Qrendi David Schembri, the Mayor of the village, who showed me many amazing sights and even more less known ones (in the picture below me with the Mayor at San Mattew Chapel).

From a hidden garden to the outskirts of the village towards the astonishing Blue Grotto, the day was full of surprises supporting David’s claim that Qrendi is one of Malta’s best kept secrets.

Now come with me and David will reveal it to us 😉

For instance, the Octagonal Tower in the pictures below.

Just a question: “What were the holes in the tower used for?” 


The holes where made to catch the sparrows and have the chance to eat something during a possible invasion.


Now it’s the time of the Secret Garden, I like to call it like that because it is closed at the moment, so maybe you pass by and you don’t see it, only thanks to the Mayor for me it is not a secret garden anymore… and there is always that sense of wonder when you open the door of a garden!

This one is called as well The Captain’s Garden. Actually at the beginning of the 19th Century, a number of gardens were set up in various villages by the British Administration under Sir Alexander Ball, who was the first British Governor of Malta.

Although in all there were 21 gardens built, only 6 have survived and this one is one of them… in Qrendi!

If you will have the opportunity to visit it try the labyrinth and let me know 😉

Then we went to visit Il Maqluba near the San Mattew Chapel and David told us the legend related to its doline… to know more click here 😉


Even San Mattew Chapel has a story to tell related to a Spanish MadonnaClick Here.

From there we took the car and we went towards the Blue Grotto.

The outskirts of the village is immersed in the countryside adorned by potato fields and as you can see in the pictures below, there is incredibly a Dolmen as basement of a rural tower!

Here in malta heritage and people live together. Just because it is so full of archeological ruins, Maltese often had inglobe them in their daily life.


Along the road David also showed me a Knights Acqueduct in the distance towards Siggewi and getting close to Hagar Qim complex a traditional country lodge facing the temple.

He asked me to direct my attention to the square red stone, can you see it? Find it in the picture below where the street light is pointing. Well, he told me that the red stone is basically a watch!

What is interesting is that it has two faces, one facing the South and the other the East. It means that people could easily understand the time from early in the morning to late in evening.

You see… Only a local can ask you to jump on the wall to show you a watch red stone!


I would like to show you the stunning beauty of this natural cave called Blue Grotto, for its blue and clear water. In the pictures you can probably feel that misty heat that was all around us and the Blue Grotto that makes it even more evocative, like a dream setting where you can imagine opening your arms and flying like the seagulls behind us.

You can enjoy the best view stopping at the “Panorama” view near Wied il Babu. Actually it is a common stop for the buses that go there so you will surely find it!

Another point is wied il Zurrieq, from its shores you can take one of the tour boats for an exploration of the Blue Grotto.

It will surely be a breathtaking experience!

Enjoy it!


Massive thanks to David for such a unique experience, I had a fantastic time!

David made me feel so welcome, like a member of his community that he likes to call “family”.

I could experience that above the beauty of the territory it is
its people that make it a destination to remember!

The hospitality and friendliness of the Qrendi people was perfectly displayed also by Salvatore, a local farmer who saw me and my companion wondering on how to arrive to our next destination. Without any hesitation he gave us a lift, a bit of local history and also some juicy lemons! (Click here to explore with me the next destination)

A special occasion to visit Qrendi is the Potatoes Festival next June 2017, in the meantime have a look at it click here