Exploring The South East Coast… with Friends 😉


The Rock in Malta is not only walkable but also full of
intriguing spots and a bit of adventure!

This is a Saturday walk dedicated to explore the South East Coast from Kalkara to Marsascala.

My companions for this 11km walk are my friend Milena and the “inseparable” Nick. 

Actually, we started our walk from Fort Rinella, famous for its 100-ton Armostrong gun and for the Rinella Film studios (actually you can catch a glimpse of it in the picture with the chapel, it is on the right behind the church) .

The 100-ton gun is the world’s largest gun, brought by the British in 1882. We didn’t go to visit the Fort Rinella this time, but Nick was really interested to see it so we will have to come back.

For a visit, Fort Rinella is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 6.00 pm. You can find more details on www.fortrinella.com

From the pictures below you can see the little chapel of the Cemetery.


Instead, we took a short walk down the sea level and we came across the cemetery of wied Ghammieq, towards Fort Ricasoli, where lots of people were buried following the colera plague in 1837.

The Fort was built by the Knights of Malta to safeguard the Grand Harbour, but today Fort Ricasoli has another role to play… Maybe you have seen it in one of many famous films such as The Gladiator and Troy! 

What remains of The walls of Santu Rokku built by the British in 1875 is very impressive!


From here, for some reasons (maybe Nick knew…searching for his new idyllic pill box home…) we chose the harder option, walking along the coast and it seemed to have jumped into the wilderness!

On the left was the sea, on the right rocks, rocks, sun and more rocks!

There were also the colourful houses of Xghajra in contrast to the series of spartan pillboxes.  Although we escaped from the biggest cannon in the world, we couldn’t escape the burning sun!!!


When we finally arrive to Marsascala,
this beautiful seaside resort amazed us!

Marsascala is largely
 unspoilt by the mass of tourists, I’m sure we will be visiting again very soon to tell you more about its story and treasures.


The long walk was well worth it for…

The views of the caves in the rocks

The smell of the sea in the tranquillity of the coast 

Laughing with friends 

For the salt pans at Zonqor point

To have eaten the new fruit season, peaches and strawberries, after a long walk under the sun in the beautiful promenade in Marsascala!

…See you in the next exploration 😉