A Walk along the Maltese coast is always an exploration, expecially when the weather becomes cooler and the sun doesn’t burn you too much.

If you consider that Malta is only 14km from North to South, a walk along it’s coast can make the journey more adventurous and longer!

In fact I have to tell you that being in total solitude can be quite impossible on this rock, but if you leave the car and take the bus, exploring Malta can appear as big as Canada (this is what I like to believe). You can find a spot, immerse yourself in stunning views and contemplate even silent moments of solitude πŸ˜‰

For the more adventurous, you can also plan a rock climbing experience!

Ghar Lapsi can be the perfect spot to end a coastal walk, a short ride from Siggiewi or Qrendi…the perfect place to chill out, enjoy the panoramic views and the amazing clear green-blue water!

The purity of its water evokes Ghar Lapsi’s name, “Ascension Cave”.

People from Siggewi and the surrounding villages, used to come to this cave as the final destination of their devotional pilgrimage for the Ascension Day of Jesus, exactly forty days after Easter. 

That day also marked the first swim of the season!

In Summer Ghar Lapsi becomes a very popular natural rocky swimming pool expecially among locals and also divers who appreciate the natural aperture on the open sea and the great visibility offered by the crystal clear water. If you are a sun bather, you can find a small rocky platform where you can lie down here.

It’s a natural protected area and it’s really tiny but still you can find a restaurant and some facilities like toilets.

Ps. If you are going for a walk along the coast or a snorkelling exploration share with me your pictures πŸ˜‰

The picture below is by Tonio Farrugia, the spot is along the coast beneath Hamrija Tower (Grand Master De Redin). Grazzi Hafna Tonio!

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