Zurrieq in the South West coast of Malta is one of the oldest towns of the island, a charming pearl IN the Mediterranean to BE discovered!

Different peoples conquered Malta and all of them settled in Zurrieq, from the Phoenicians to the Carthaginians, Greeks and Romans.

It was a vibrant countryside village in the past, testified by some archaeological discoveries as pottery from the Bronze and Punic times and by the catacombs near the Ix-Xarolla windmill (built by Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhena in 1724), a site which was used as a burial place also by the Romans.

Zurrieq it is also known as the WindMills Town

On the above pictures you can see:

  • Il-Mithna ta’ Marmara Windmill, which was the surname of the first person to work in the same windmill, Luret Marmara. The windmill is believed to have been erected during the 18th century, and probably during the reign of Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhena.
  • Tal-Qaret Windmill, all the info in the picture.

The Xarolla Windmill and Catacombs

The Xarolla Windmill is really an interesting area because it stands, as we said, over an area of catacombs and next to it a visitor can see the old church dedicated to St Andrew.

According to the map “Malta Goes Rural Windmills Walk (Zurrieq-Safi)”, this is the only fully-working windmill in the Maltese islands so if you have the opportunity book a visit 😉

The site is open on Saturday and Sunday morning and entrance fee is nominal.

With its Four Windmills built by the Knights,
its narrow streets, the scenic views, the silent path along the countryside,
its history, its houses decorated with beautiful statues,
I can surely say that Zurrieq truly fascinated me
and there are still many treasures to discover!

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