Following the path we left in the precedent article (click here) now we are walking along the beautiful streets of Zurrieq towards the lovely hamlet of Safi.

You will probably find yourself  stopping every minute like me to take pictures here and there, it is so pictoresque that every house has is own identity!

It’s ok, no rush. Take your time for this realaxing walking… You are in Zurrieq!

There are some spots that are particularly interesting like:

  • Palazzo Gianbattista
  • The Church of the Immaculate Conception
  • The tranquillity and peace that reigns in its streets, so well decorated!
  • The Ġnien il-Ġibjun garden the perfect place to enjoy a breathtaking view of all the South Weast of Malta. In the pictures you can see that from this balcony the panorama expands to Qrendi, Siggewi, Mdina. Then the beautiful Mediterranean Sea with the tiny island of FilflaAlong the garden you can find also many signs giving information about Wied iż-Żurrieq and Wied Babu valleys. There is also a Memorial for the 50 people who died on February 18th 1956 on board of the airplane “Avro-York G-ANSY” which unfortunately crashed (more info in the pictures below).
  • Bubaqra Tower (info in the pitures below)

Time to walk now along the countryside. To welcome us the small Church of Sant Agatha. It is possible that the Saint sought refuge here in Malta… Anyway you will find more info in the picture below 😉  

I think that in Malta, every corner hides something special, it could be also something that you cannot see at a glance, but you have to look at it deeply using your imagination and rebuilding it in your mind thinking at how it probably was in the past…

Like the Baqqari area, where you can find some of archaeological and medievals remains. In fact over there were found:

Ruins of a chapel.
Remains of what is thought to be a Roman Temple.
In 1921 were also found some pottery dating back to either Punic or Roman times.

Follow the path from the point 19 of the map Malta Goes Rural Windmills walk (Zurrieq-Safi) and come with me to the enchanting village of Safi




PS. There is also another map of Zurrieq available at the Tourist Info Points in Valletta, St Paul’s Bay, Marsaxlokk, Mdina and usually inside the Local Council.  

Here you are 🙂