Yesterday I really enjoyed a lovely walking tour along the village of Zurrieq following the blue map “Windmills Walk (Zurrieq – Safi Walk)” edited by “Malta Goes Rural”.

This path is long about 8.8 kilometres, stopping here and there it took me about 5 hours.

I took the X3 bus from St. Paul’s Bay to Medina and then the 201 to Zurrieq, but maybe it is faster from Valletta if you take the 71 and the 73, in any case consider around 1 hour and a half of journey. 

The path starts at the bus stop at the entrance of Zurrieq main square, in Triq il-Haddiema, it leads you along the perimeter of Zurrieq, towards the hamlet of Safi and then it comes back to the main square near the Parish Church dedicated to St Catherine of Alexandria.

The Church is a Baroque jewel with a beautiful painting of Mattia Preti, the Italian artist who painted the ceiling of the Saint John Co-Cathedral in Valletta.

The period of most opulence for Zurrieq was probably the one of the Knights who built there some palaces as countryside residences, also used by the British. 

In the photos below, you will see the stages of the path as indicated by the map:

  • Palazzo Armeria, one of the Armoury of the Order of St John, where probably Napoleon Bonaparte spent a night (find out more in the gallery below).

What excites me when I explore a place that I have never seen before is the sense of adventure that you feel when you walk in search of places of interest marked on the map.

For me it is a real treasure hunt!

Walking along the street it’s nice to find those sceneries that are typically Maltese, as the driver on the sulky, or the fruit van… 

Moreover, you can find something that never lacks in Malta, the friendliness among the local people who are ready to help you finding the most interesting spots of their village!

The name of Zurrieq means “light blue”, probably because it oversees the coast above the clear blue water of the famous Blue Grotto. The grotto is a cave that is worthy to visit also in wintertime. In fact, I visited it for the first time in February 2014 and even if you cannot have a swim, it is still amazing to enjoy a boat trip! Consider that the Blue Grotto is a popular tourist destination especially in Summer, so much famous now thanks to the film Troy (2004), where the Blue Grotto appears in a scene with stars like Brad Pitt 😉

However, light blue is also the sky of Zurrieq, above its town since the dawn of time, the same blue sky that also the Bronze Age inhabitants of this village have seen as well as the Romans, in fact look what I found…

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