Hi Explorers,

good afternoon 🙂

Today I have somenthing special for you!

The Autumn Season is started as well as the many activies all around Malta!

Well, there is a particular music that when I hear it I feel like to go back home… No, it isn’t “Volare” as you can thinking being an Italian (Lol). 

It is an ancient music that tells the story of mountains, rivers, romantic episodes, Maharajas and Gods… yes, it is Indian Music!

Some years ago I became a fan of Bollywood thanks to the beautiful actress Aishwarya Ray.

I saw all her films (almost all) and I wanted to be able to dance those beautiful songs.

Now you are probably thinking, well but how about Malta?

As I believe that Malta is a drop of the world, here you can get to know people from everywhere… I met Margit, in art “Madhavi”, a lovely lady from Germany who went to India years ago to study Classical Indian Dance.

Madhavi’s story of her path into the notes and the rhythm of Indian dance is facinating so much that I wanted to leave and go to study Indian dance too.

Madhavi laughing at me saying: “Flora you don’t have to move to India, I can teach you here!”.


It is extremely interesting to seeing that at the lesson we were all foreigners. Madhavi from Germany, a girl from Spain, a lady from Bulgaria and me from Italy. We were all gathering to take part to not only a lesson but a piece of culture.

In fact, learning classical Indian dance is getting into the culture of the myths and the traditions of India.
Your body is involved in the steps but also with the facial expressions and the hand movements.
Indian classical as well as Bollywood dance is telling a story with all your body from head to toes.

Madhavi also showed me how to wear the the Sari, the typical dress. She elegantly fixed on her body 9 metres of silk fabric in such a beautiful way that I thought I could have made just a complete mess and more than wear a Sari I would have wrapped myself as a mummy….

Thankfully, Madhavi is here and we learn step by step how to be more and more familiar with this magical art that is Indian Dance 😉

Enjoy with Madhavi the Classical and Bollywood Indian Dance!

Every Monday at Pure Living Cafè

St Julians (very close to the bus stop)

From 7 to 8 pm

For more info click on Madhavi Facebook Page