Since I was very little my passion has been dancing.

I loved the idea to be light and to flow on the dancing floor like a butterfly.

I didn’t realise that dancing, for most of the time, can be a party for two!

My attempts to find a partner who would have loved to dance with me, have always failed… Maybe they realized that I’m not really a butterfly, or maybe it wasn’t yet the time for me to be dancing under the stars!

Anyway, I kept my dream about become a dancer and even when I came to Malta, the first thing I was looking for was a dance class.

So I found the Argentine Tango schools in Malta and let me say that Malta boasts a great community of tangueros and tangueras and all the teachers are special and welcoming.

There is somenthing everytime I walk the stairs of Numero Dos in Mosta that shakes my heart. On those stairs is written this magic word: Tango!

Oh my God, will I ever able to feel that passion, that connection and that intesity as the professional dancers?

I thought that now it is the time to get Nick involved…hihihi… poor Nick!

He is not the type of man who likes dancing, far from it! Nick is at his happiest when he is boxing, watching his beloved Arsenal play football or drinking beer!

How wonderful would it be if one day he surprises me with a red rose in his hand, like Richard Gere in “Shall we Dance“? Im not holding my breath… 

Ok Flora, that will be a dream come true because the things you love more, you would love to share them with the one you love (sorry for the repetition)! 

And maybe, even Nick can find a sort of pleasure in the side steps, or ocho cortado or rock step…

Who knows, in Malta anything can happen and this is my journey into Argentine Tango with a boxer 😉 

Luckily I have a great teacher on my side Nathalie, who is one of pioneers of Tango in Malta. Don’t you think that my pioneer would be able to transform my Nick, a man who never ever thought to dance before?

I do, I believe in her!

As a first lesson Nathalie taught to Nick the basics of Tango.

“Argentine Tango is a social dance – she said – and it is full of rituals”.

“Also, in tango there is lot of respect for your partner and for the people who share with you the dancing floor”.

“The most important thing in tango is connection!”

That was Nathalie focus since she starting teaching Nick to move the very first step.

“And balance – she continued – as a leader you have always to be aware of your balance and where is the balance of your follower, is she on her left or on her right?” 

I thought that Nick at that point would have quit, he never listens to me and I could never imagine him being aware of my balance???

Surprisigly he was very focussed and present to Nathalie, so that he said: “Well, balance is an essential element for a boxer too…and I’m good at that”. Never one for lacking confidence Nick eh?

Ok now I was worried that I was going to receive a hook instead of a side step… poor Flora.

No, none of those, Nick really surprised me and I have to say he has got the style of a tanguero!

In this first video we’ll see if Nick has what it takes to become my ideal tango partner 😉

Good luck to Nick and all you guys, take your beloved one on the dancing floor… No dancin, no passion 😉

Thanks to Nathalie and Numero Dos for this first introductory video, you are more than welcome to go to Nathalie’s School and have a look at the Milonga, the dancing evening, every Saturday evening from 9 to Midnight.

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