Hi explorers,

Have you ever wondered that we only normally do what we are comfortable with?

How can we discover new things to do if we don’t push ourselves a little bit further away from our comfort zone?

Maybe even a boxer out of the ring can enjoy a tango lesson… Of course, there is beautiful Nathalie to teach!

This is Nick second lesson at Numero Dos ๐Ÿ˜‰ For more info on Nathalie’s class, click here

“Feet together Nick”,ย  says Nathalie and so we start, let’s Tango!

Tango is connection“, Nathalie explained last time and is “facing each other as in boxing”, replied Nick.

However, this time is embracing the other, guide her onto the dancing floor and the point of leading are not the hips Nick… is your heart and your intention coming from your upper body.

“Follow me”, says the leader.

“Here I am”, answers the follower but feel me,
see where is my balance and lead me in to new steps.

“Ok, how about the Rocky Step?”
What??? Nick it is called “Rocking Step”!

I knew that it would eventually turned into a boxing lesson…

Nathalie put him back again on the dancing floor and shall we “ocho”?

This time Nick went into different steps:

From the “rock in step” to the “cross” and the “front ochos”… How is he getting on?

Click on the video below and dance with us ๐Ÿ˜‰